I’ll be teaching two classes at Great Western War this year. Come play!

Intro to Counted Blackwork Embroidery – Thursday 1-3pm

Learn counted blackwork embroidery using Holbein stitch, a technique that looks the same on both sides. This technique is valuable for handkerchiefs, cuffs, collars, and other situations where there is not a “wrong” side. Choose from patterns of varying difficulty to make a bookmark or other small project. We’ll be using aida cloth so there won’t be tiny threads to count.

Intro to Medieval Hoods – Friday 9-10am

Hoods are a practical, stylish, and simple accessory which were used by both men and women during the middle ages. They’re a great way to look more medieval in your tunic or dress while also getting some additional sun protection or warmth. This class will include discussion of fabric choices, patterning, assembly, and decoration. Several of the instructor’s hood patterns will be available for students to copy.