I like to eat historically inspired food when I’m at SCA events. Most of those events are day tournaments in city parks where it’s not practical to bring and setup a camp kitchen. The night before events I’m often busy with non-food preparations.  So I wanted to come up with lunch ideas that were easy to prepare and would at least look historical.

Inspired by a class I took at West Coast Culinary Symposium three years ago, I developed a handful of recipes that could be prepared without a kitchen even if I only had time to stop at the grocery store on my way to the event. Those recipes are based on various medieval and Roman sources, and they have formed the basis for what Paul and I bring to most events.  There’s enough variety that we can mix it up a bit.

Last weekend, I shared my recipes and redaction strategies with students in a class at West Coast Culinary Symposium.  Eventually, I plan to have those recipes and more in a new section on this site. Until then, you can peruse the recipes in my class handout: Last Minute Lunches.