Almost an entire reign has gone by (Coronation is on Saturday) with a post. Is that because I have nothing to say? Definitely not. The last five months have been full of amazing things which I have not made time to write about, including:

  • In June, I attended the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in the Barony of Starkhafn, which blew my mind. (I was also the Proceedings Coordinator.)
  • At Lyondemere Anniversary in July, just over a year after we met, I entered the service of Sir Artus Quintus as his man-at-arms.
  • In August, I got to support Sir Artus at Crown Tourney, in which he reached the semi-finals.
  • In September, at the request of my patrons, the Baron and Baroness of the Angels, I performed a song for Her Majesty’s birthday, comprising a 12th Century tune and new lyrics which I composed. She cried.
  • The same day, to my great surprise, I was inducted into the Order of the Virtue, a polling order in the Barony of the Angels.
  • In October, in addition to taking the field with the Royal Army of Caid at Great Western War, I fought in the Company of Saint George Pas d’Armes, which was amazing.
  • I¬†also took three prizes at the Multi-Kingdom¬†Brewing Contest at Great Western War: 3rd Place Varietal (for my Peaty Malt Vinegar), 2nd Place Beer (for my Summer Saison), and 1st Place Varietal (for my Oatmeal Stout Malt Vinegar).
  • Last weekend, at Dreiburgen Anniversary, it was announced that I will be succeeding Master Cormac as Crescent Principal Herald at Coronation next June.

So, yeah, it has been busy and amazing, and reflecting on it helps me realize exactly how amazing. I suppose I should do more of that kind of reflecting here, right?